Yesterday I found a book entitled "How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci"  I chuckled when I saw it, but decided to check it out (Hey, it was free!).  It's actually very insightful stuff. One thing that has stayed with me so far was reading about how all the old masters made art with an entrepreneurial spirit. It made me wonder... when did we start shaming artists for that? It also made me look closely at the biggest too cool for school conceptual artists of today and yeah that spirit is totally there, even if they deny it or reject it. I have also noticed sometimes it is artists shaming other artists. Glad I found that book.

The summer's almost over, but going out with some great news and events.    Art @ Columbia Presbyterian Hospital NYC: A print version of the painting "April Flowers" will be part of the collection at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital's Department of Otolaryngology. The piece was selected by a vote of their department members, to display in their waiting area.   zfmq_AprilFlowers2014--1.jpg   Framed Prints @ ImageKind: This fall a selection of FdlM's greatest hits will be available as a print retrospective on Imagekind! We ran many test prints and picked the most suitable to bring you beautiful fine art prints, framed prints, posters and canvas prints versions of your favorite originals from the last 10 years. They will be available at various sizes and prices that everybody can afford.  Check out this preview, as they are already being listed! zfmq_20170830--1.png   Exhibiting Artist At "PLATFORM BKLN 2017" Contemporary Art Show, Art Book Fair & Film Festival: Brooklyn Expo Center
72 Noble Street September 29th - October 1st 2017
Platform 2017 3-day fair/show will break new ground hosting 44 visual artist, 11 book exhibitors, a film festival. The event was curated by Terrence Sanders and will host 3 contemporary art exhibition areas curated by Noah Becker (NYC), Joe Heaps Nelson (Brooklyn) and Melanie Prapopoulos (Miami).  The fair will feature on-site installations, performances, poetry readings, book signings, artists talks and round table panel discussions that relate to the sustainability of emerging, mid-career and established artists in the current contemporary art market. More Info

  "ROUGH DRAFTS" New Series of Works on Paper: This is perhaps my most experimental work. In this series I fuse painting, inkjet overprinting, collage, drawing, photography and writing. Painted while I work on larger pieces, I approach them as a visual diary in which I utilize imagery from various sources such as my photographs, ephemera, art journals and digital files of lost works. Writing experiences, thoughts, ideas and creative musings allows me to observe and meditate on daily life and current events. I also use them as inquiry into history, philosophy, mythology, psychology and spirituality. Experimenting with these concepts and techniques can serve as reference for future works on canvas while opening a window for the viewer into my creative/thought. Click here to see.

zfmq_201708231502021--2.jpg   Until next time, Peace!                                                                      

This fall a collection of FdlM greatest hits  it's making it's way as a 10 year print retrospective on Image Kind! Beautiful fine art prints, framed prints, posters and canvas prints versions of your favorite originals will be available at prices that everybody can afford. Be sure to check it out!

Lasha writes: I'm a young artist/teacher I work with pencils and charcoal and would like to move on, but I'm seriously afraid of using color. What is the easiest way of overcoming this fear?


FdlM:  My immediate answer is that you go get the colored pencils put them all in a jar in front of you and throw away all the charcoal and black pencils. Okay, you can leave them at a friend's house if you think you'll need later. The point is that you discover that your creativity will always find a way. There's no easy way to overcome fear, in my personal process I've learned to work through it. But the best thing about being an artist is that there are no rules, no real how- to's or musts, no right or wrong and you can go at your own pace. The art-making process is unique for each artist. It is an exploration of many things, even fear.  In the past I’ve realized that when at times I was feeling stuck with a material, it was because I needed to push it to its fullest and stick with it till I was sick of it. That prompted me to try something else. Maybe there's something I have yet to learn about that material. If you have fear, explore the fear with the materials you're used to working with. And if you feel you're ready to move on, the best way to do that is to just go for it. Nonobjective drawing is great for that. Don't overthink it, the fear will come along till it dissolves and guess what? When you're on your way to creating new colorful works, new fears will come up. I’m assuming you teach children, so I propose an experiment. Sit down with them to draw and notice how they'll just go for it and not think about a thing when you put paper and pencils or crayons in front of them. They can be the support and nurturing you need to move forward and overcome the fear.


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Mi obra artística no es nostálgica como muchos piensan. Pero si tiene un gran interés en explorar cómo nuestros padres, familiares y experiencias de la infancia nos jodieron psicológicamente. Es un viaje interior total, pero no al recuerdo sino a la secuela. Por medio del arte entendí que es necesario entrañarnos en la psiquis, matar o herir de muerte a los demonios y fantasmas, para así salvar a los niños atrapados en etapas. No puedo negar que hay elementos de mi psiquis que siguen en Nicaragua. No puedo salir de ahí sin explorarlos, no puedo regresar allá sin resolverlos.

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The Wall - 2017, Acrylic on canvas 16" x 20"



To thank you for your continued support, I've opened the vault for the 8th annual art for summer online sale. El Remix is a series of paintings I started in 2014 that includes new art and new versions of lost works dating back to the 90s.   VISIT THE SHOP and enter code: TOPCOLLECTOR to get 50% off any works in this series.  This is for a limited time only.

GET IT BEFORE THE ARTWORLD DOES!   zfmq_codefdlmshop--1.png   El Remix" is the most experimental in the artist's multifaceted body of work. The paintings in this series fuse painting, collage, drawing, photography and writing. Approached as a diary while listening to avant-garde jazz, Franck references imagery from lost works, journal entry, thoughts, ideas and creative musings. The end result is a collection pieces which allow the artist to explore new concepts and techniques that can be applied to larger works on canvas. From personal experiences, to history, philosophy, mythology, psychology and spirituality, the topics vary, depending of what the artist is exploring in the moment. Each one is an original, one of a kind work of art, in which the viewer can have first look at the artist's creative process.

An artist can't help being surrounded by art. We bring our own world no matter where we go.
A completed work is Victory, but for me el regocijo is found in the trajectory.
Actually, karma is a lesson.
Art is also inevitable.
Art is never controversial nor shocking. It just rubs those who aren't ready the wrong way.
Art is not about "look at me." Art is about "I was here."
Art is revolution, evolution and contribution.
Art is vicious, it bites you right in the soul. 
Artists do not lose their minds. They get lost in them and bring back souvenirs.
Artists do not need to have all the answers. Part of their gift is to be able to live and work with the ambivalence.
But of course my neurosis will go well with your couch and curtains!
Don't just imagine the possibilities. Go after them!
Every couple of years they tell us that painting's dead. This is why one must paint like one’s in intensive care giving it CPR. 
Follow your dreams. They may be wrong, but at least they're brave.
Give a child a crayon and a sheet of paper and he or she will draw you a map to the center of the universe.
Honor your studio as a place of worship, where you always take creative leaps of faith.
I don’t mind being called prolific. It's a kindlier diagnosis than manic.
I feel most abundant when I'm hard at work doing what I love.  All sense of limitation disappears.
I was not influenced by a school of Latino Artists. But I often describe my work as the chaos of the Nicaraguan civil war to the sound of heavy metal music.
If you want to become an artist, ring the doorbell and announce yourself. But be ready to come in and work.
If you're too afraid of ruining it, then you're probably too afraid to take it to the next level.
In an era when war, conflict and violence have become so common. The greatest act of rebelliousness left for us, is to become Peacemakers.
In this art game you have to take chances. Your loss is really in not taking them.
It could be viewed as failure as an artist. I've tried to find a style, but my personal search gets in the way.
I've learned to work with my chaos and neurosis.
I've painted my way out of a sad chaotic life. 
Like a work of art, some people will love me, some people will hate me, some will reject me and some will just be indifferent. But unlike a work of art, I was given the chance to love myself. 
Most of my work stems from an emotionally charged, at times dark, at times painful place. To hear others regard it as beautiful or meaningful to their lives is the biggest compliment. The gift is in sharing and understanding the feelings and experiences of another.
Painting is my ritual and I always find god in it.
Portraits are the best of friends. They always listen and never ever interrupt to say "Wait till you hear what happened to me!"
Positive or negative, any reaction to the work is evidence that art has stimulated them.
The canvas is darkness and we bring our light to it.
The most liberating and rewarding thing in my career as an artist has been to discover and accept the artist I’m not.
The pain could be worthwhile, if from your darkest hour you emerge having found beauty.
The peak moments are all in the studio, when you discover you've arrived at something great with your hard work and creativity.
The process of art-making is magical. It is pure and unique for each and every artist. It is a riddle, a mystery, a contradiction and miracle. It’s result a blessing. It is our reason for being and our reason to live.
The truth is that I always had horrible, illegible handwriting. But it works well in my abstracts. Perhaps I was always an abstract expressionist.
Through art I've fought a good fight. I've battled brutal inner critics, have slayed emoptional demons and have learned to give myself approval.  
When I'm told my art should be more uniform and cohesive, I don't pull back and customize it, I go further into the deep end. Their business is not my search.
You can look at the canvas as half blank or half painted.
Your creativity is meant to be shared. But that is a whole other courageous task in the creative life.
What good is making art with the best supplies and materials, if you don't create with Love, the most important medium.

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