to Jackson

Rebellious psyche
Pain, ghosts, deceased fantasies
Hopes of freedom in-between
Uncertainties on being and seeing
Questioning core and prospect
Always coloring an absent world
Exceedingly murky and dreadfully self-absorbed

© 2002 Franck de las Mercedes

únicos en el vacío
lo somos
no demos marcha atrás
dar oído ustedes, profetas

hemos perdido y
hoy todos lo sabemos todo, pues somos todopoderosos
vuélvete planeta,
no pierdas este juego amañado

mucho menos hoy
que la luna cae ya flemática y viscosa sobre el mar



© 1999 Franck de las Mercedes

Honored to have been invited by Sing for Hope to join New York City Department of Parks & Recreation in Celebrating 50 Years of Public Art.
Sing for Hope: the city’s favorite pianos
Saturday, October 21, 2017
11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
East Pinetum in Central Park
Location Details:
Enter at the East 84th Street entrance at the East Drive, behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Event Organizer
Art & Antiquities
Contact Number
(212) 360-8163
Contact Email

A bottomless injury 

Abandoned mourning in deep-rooted devotion

Container of fright

Hopeless eyes crammed with tears

And in the silence, three knocks:




Hush and assemble

Be still and drown


© 2005 Franck de las Mercedes

Busca entre las abreviadas vías.
Según la ruina, la zozobra y la penumbra,  

hoy él también desea otra vez profesarse tuyo,

como suya especulaste ser.


© 1999 Franck de las Mercedes

Fall is here! I promised another giveaway and here it is! We've been going through the artchive to continue selecting works for the framed prints. We're very happy with how it's coming along and have been working some colorful Abstract Gardens 2007 throwbacks, which are already finding homes. Visit the site and find the free print I left for you somehwere in the "signed prints" section. Good luck! zfmq_20171001062316--1.jpg   Life in the art studio: Started work on a new series of abstract paintings. Be sure to connect on instagram to see the work in progress. zfmq_DSC0004--1.jpg   New Work: Espantos De Vida Y Esperanza - 2017, Acrylic and inkjet on paper 13" x 19" zfmq_EspantosDeVidaYEsperanza2017--1.jpg

Yesterday I found a book entitled "How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci"  I chuckled when I saw it, but decided to check it out (Hey, it was free!).  It's actually very insightful stuff. One thing that has stayed with me so far was reading about how all the old masters made art with an entrepreneurial spirit. It made me wonder... when did we start shaming artists for that? It also made me look closely at the biggest too cool for school conceptual artists of today and yeah that spirit is totally there, even if they deny it or reject it. I have also noticed sometimes it is artists shaming other artists. Glad I found that book.

The summer's almost over, but going out with some great news and events.    Art @ Columbia Presbyterian Hospital NYC: A print version of the painting "April Flowers" will be part of the collection at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital's Department of Otolaryngology. The piece was selected by a vote of their department members, to display in their waiting area.   zfmq_AprilFlowers2014--1.jpg   Framed Prints @ ImageKind: This fall a selection of FdlM's greatest hits will be available as a print retrospective on Imagekind! We ran many test prints and picked the most suitable to bring you beautiful fine art prints, framed prints, posters and canvas prints versions of your favorite originals from the last 10 years. They will be available at various sizes and prices that everybody can afford.  Check out this preview, as they are already being listed! zfmq_20170830--1.png   Exhibiting Artist At "PLATFORM BKLN 2017" Contemporary Art Show, Art Book Fair & Film Festival: Brooklyn Expo Center
72 Noble Street September 29th - October 1st 2017
Platform 2017 3-day fair/show will break new ground hosting 44 visual artist, 11 book exhibitors, a film festival. The event was curated by Terrence Sanders and will host 3 contemporary art exhibition areas curated by Noah Becker (NYC), Joe Heaps Nelson (Brooklyn) and Melanie Prapopoulos (Miami).  The fair will feature on-site installations, performances, poetry readings, book signings, artists talks and round table panel discussions that relate to the sustainability of emerging, mid-career and established artists in the current contemporary art market. More Info

  "ROUGH DRAFTS" New Series of Works on Paper: This is perhaps my most experimental work. In this series I fuse painting, inkjet overprinting, collage, drawing, photography and writing. Painted while I work on larger pieces, I approach them as a visual diary in which I utilize imagery from various sources such as my photographs, ephemera, art journals and digital files of lost works. Writing experiences, thoughts, ideas and creative musings allows me to observe and meditate on daily life and current events. I also use them as inquiry into history, philosophy, mythology, psychology and spirituality. Experimenting with these concepts and techniques can serve as reference for future works on canvas while opening a window for the viewer into my creative/thought. Click here to see.

zfmq_201708231502021--2.jpg   Until next time, Peace!