En este espeso silencio en que ni el vértigo se siente, la incredulidad del vacío rumora. La abuela no se da ni presta para asuntos de espantos, ni se le permite entrar en la onda supersticiosa; mucho menos a larga distancia para poder despedirse. Uno aprende a lamer heridas propias y a morder las monedas de la memoria, pero nadie enseña a penar, lejos de donde nace el luto. Frente a tan solo a un improvisado ritual, acompañado de una vela y el sonreír de su foto, la realidad se torna macabra y burlona al llorar a la extinta ya previamente ausente. Y en la noche del solitario velorio entra a acompañarme una inútil pregunta: ¿Ahora qué nos pesará más; el frio tímido de tus ausencias o el yugo terco de la mía?

© 2015 Franck de las Mercedes

The darker side of me conceals an ugly child
surrounded by revolving unknown visitors, while being nurtured by a pimp-like toothless beast with a very dark mustache 
Still… I’m polite to them 


© 2015 Franck de las Mercedes

I can't believe it has been three years since the fire. I have much to be thankful for and I must say that we have faced life since that day as fierce warriors. There has been uncertainty and obstacles, but I have had great achievements and I have learned great lessons that have transformed me as a person and artist. If there’s life and the support of other beings, there is hope. I didn't lose my dreams, I‘m still a millionaire in hopes and a few dreams dreams have even become reality for me. Not to mention we received the greatest gift in our lives which was the birth of our child the a year after. We're still standing and thriving, it's good to be alive and my attitude contunues to be of gratitude.

This week started with me feeling most thankful for my artist friends. In this day and age of texts, messaging and social chit-chat, I was reminded of how meaningful, enlightening and even idea sparking and creative leap taking a phone conversation with an artist friend can be. I spoke to two buddies of mine this week and I'm gonna do it more often. Some new things have lined up in my own path just from the encouragement I received from speaking with them. Call an art buddy this week to talk sh!t. It will enrich you and lift your art spirit and theirs.


I recently started practicing secular meditation for five minutes a day, not expecting to stick to it after day three. To my surprise not thinking about anything for a few minutes feels good, grounds me and ideas just pop in my head right after. This imagery came up after meditation. I call it a meditative muse. It is most rewarding and liberating to be practicing a few minutes of mindfulness each day without any attachments to dogma or belief system and without expectations or means to an end. Just sit focus on your breath and keep it moving. I highly recommend it.
Praying Nude - 2016
Acrylic on paper
13 x 19 inches.


Hoy que dios es un inocente misil guiado por láser
es urgente dejar un rastro bello
que quizás encuentre un futuro arqueológico enterrado en la arena.

© 2014 Franck de las Mercedes

My life is here

A wandering place within

A lining of brick-edged structures and graffiti grandiosity fading into guesses

I didn’t pick this new turn in my time and soles

I have yet to find out if I’m thankful

But my life is here now, it goes where I go, Uptown or Downtown

I have to keep on moving in this place within

I must keep on moving in this place within



© 2014 Franck de las Mercedes

  I was quoted in this this brilliant article by John Seed on The Huffington Post about Empathy.  I felt honored to be included with such talented fellow artists. Check it out!: zfmq_Screenshot20170115154238.png Remember my Post No Bills piano back in 2015? I'm doing it again with a new design for this year's Sing for Hope Pianos. I'm already working on it, so stayed tuned for progress photos and dates. That reminds me... I think I mentioned my blog before. For years I was so reluctant to blogging. Went back and forth feeling like I had nothing to say. Last November I made a commitment to give it one last shot. I'm glad I did. I have not stopped and I've been getting a lot of good feedback. Turns out I'm really enjoying it. También hablamos español. :-) Please be sure to check it out and share your favorite posts. TY! New Work:                         Tender Flesh - 2017 Acrylic on canvas 32" x 44"                      
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