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M writes: Are you having any trouble being creative because of Trump? For me, it feels like a dark cloud of oppression has been weighing down upon my creativity ever since Nov. 8th. I've barely been able to create anything. Just wondered if you have any words-of-wisdom to exit a creative depression.
Dear M, Thanks for writing! I have to tell you, this one took me a while before answering; mainly because I tend to write from the gut and upon reading your question I realized I had to be as sensible as possible to your emotions. “Emotions” being the key word here. I can't say that I am not feeling the uncertainty and stress that is in the air about the election and what's to come. But to be quite honest: F^>k no, I’m not having trouble. I’m sorry you’re going through this… but to say not being able to create because of it, in my case would feel like giving away a lot of power to one person or situation. All politics and the hatred in the air aside, I’m guessing that you’ve been in this situation before? I wonder. In which case, it would be good for you to look into the emotions and not the thinking, the climate, the people, the news, the bullshit. Release them into the surface and if you have nothing or feel paralyzed, then write that on the surface. Keep doing it till something clicks. I promise it will. If you go idle, you’ve lost. Every tender creative spirit will have Herods after them; because what you do as a creative has a mission, power, potential. That can be terrifying for some repressive people. But you’ll find that type of resistance even in family members or people around you. I do believe that in life sometimes Goliaths cross our paths so that we can find our inner David.  You go with what you got! I hope my answer is not too harsh, it comes from a good place. Don’t ever give your power away under any circumstance.    Got a question?