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Magda writes: FdlM, I am an artist and I want to start selling art independently. Is there a formula you follow?


this is a great question and let me start by saying that depending on the art that you make, there is no perfect formula. I didn't come up with this one, but I do believe it works and I think it applies pretty much to any kind of career or service for that matter. 
Know me

Like me

Trust me
Buy me
You can explore and experiment with how you will go about each one (many blogs expand on this), but note that "buy me (sales)" is at the very end. If you start saying just "buy me, buy me, buy me" people could get turned off and not want to know you, like you, or trust you. I'm sure you've seen many artists who post nothing but "original art available..." you even really like the art, but know nothing about them or their process. So first is exposure. Get all the exposure you can get always, on and offline. Once people get to know you they then decide if they like you or not. How do they get to like you? By getting to know not only your art, but also you as an artist/person. All you have to do is be your creative self really. Once they get to know you and they like you, you get their trust. Then you can say "Hey dudes, wanna buy some cool art?"