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Since my teens, I've always kept a journal. When I started taking art more seriously, the journal evolved into something more visual, which I always kept on my work table. Each entry involved thoughts, ideas and some musings that would come up when painting and always accompanied by a drawing or random images slapped on the page with glue. I would then clean my brushes on them and that would complete each page.  It’s just something I kept around and shared a page online from time to time as part of my process. Very early on my wife Nicola said to me that if I ever made large paintings of my journal pages (as they were), they would be something special and that they would speak directly to others. I must say I was like "eh, thanks babe!", and yet the suggestion never left the back of my mind. Coming to three years after the fire, it is now when I’m beginning to feel the loss of the art. More deeply the loss of my notebooks, sketch books, studies and art journals. Ironically, the current social climate and collective anxiety has found me pondering about having positive things to say in my work outside of the canvas. Though I've never considered myself a conceptual or idea-driven artist, I have been wondering if I can offer some kind of perspective or alternative to the present day moods and events. Or maybe just a break from the shouting we see online each day. Then I came across the graphic work of Corita Kent and Joan Miró and it really inspired me to explore this. As it turns out, a lot of what I've written years back (on the journals pages I got to scan), resonate with the present. So I've been working on some and adding new musings or imagery. As a working title I had been calling them remixes, but decided for Thought Process. I  decided to share them here as part of my online journal entries and my own search for understanding.


Understanding – 2016

Acrylic on paper 13 x 19 in.  

Something we all want at some point in our lives is for others to understand us. But it's hard to be the other person if for a moment.