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There's a teacher from NJ teaching in NY, who the minute I started sending #PeaceBoxes somehow managed to find me. After getting her box, this teacher insisted for months that I should visit her school and do a workshop, when I did not even know I could do that. Nobody was more crushed than this teacher to see the project go. In fact, the times I tried to pull the plug without notice and only confiding in her, she would find the way to convince me not to, buy something from me and even delivered dozens of boxes herself with her husband to my studio in Weehawken.  Last week, as I saw the free Shepard Fairy posters for the 2017 Women's March, I was reminded of something really important. That "...the true gift of your boxes always was that because you do not know who they went to, they are therefore inclusive and unifying. That to me is a great form of direct protest and making people see and think differently and for themselves. Please find the way to keep something for posterity that people can have access to and share, especially in these tumultuous times.  Have you considered free posters to download?"  Ending the project has definitely been a good move and I've been able to start work on other art projects. However, I can do this for Mrs C. So here goes:
Download & Print Free FdlM #PeaceBoxes posters!: