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  I was quoted in this this brilliant article by John Seed on The Huffington Post about Empathy.  I felt honored to be included with such talented fellow artists. Check it out!: zfmq_Screenshot20170115154238.png Remember my Post No Bills piano back in 2015? I'm doing it again with a new design for this year's Sing for Hope Pianos. I'm already working on it, so stayed tuned for progress photos and dates. That reminds me... I think I mentioned my blog before. For years I was so reluctant to blogging. Went back and forth feeling like I had nothing to say. Last November I made a commitment to give it one last shot. I'm glad I did. I have not stopped and I've been getting a lot of good feedback. Turns out I'm really enjoying it. También hablamos español. :-) Please be sure to check it out and share your favorite posts. TY! New Work:                         Tender Flesh - 2017 Acrylic on canvas 32" x 44"                      
   zfmq_FranckdelasMercedesFdlMdelasmercede New Works On Paper Series: Abstract Heads zfmq_FranckdelasMercedesFdlMdelasmercede   Stay in touch! Best, Franck VISIT MY ONLINE SHOP zfmq_email.jpg