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I can't believe it has been three years since the fire that destroyed my old studio,The Plank. There has been uncertainty and obstacles since, but I have had great achievements and I have learned great lessons that have transformed me as a person and artist. If there’s life and the support of other people, there is always hope. I didn't lose my dreams, and a few dreams dreams have even become reality for us. Not to mention we received the greatest gift in our lives which was the birth of our child the year after. We're still standing and thriving, and we will keep making art. It's good to be alive and my attitude continues to be of gratitude.  

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With a number from 1 to 500. If you guess or come the closest to the my winning number you will win an original work on paper! zfmq_16649374131521108185795343923473903

  I've said many times that the peace boxes have a life of their own. From New York to London, over 61 cities tweeted the mission and message of the #PeaceBoxes last week thanks to Social N Worldwide Online Network. The posters idea came about at the request of educators who felt the Peace Boxes should have an ongoing element that people can have access to and share. So we created a digital image you can download for free to print as posters and display on your wall, office, classroom or send them as postcards to friends and family. We need to spread a message of peace now more than ever and since the launch of the posters people have been responding and spreading the word online. Download & Print Here zfmq_20170301.png   Started work on my Sing for Hope Piano inspired on my palette knife flowers and animalito palette knife drawings. Please connect my instagram for updates and videos of my progress. zfmq_burd.jpg     Stay in touch! Best, Franck VISIT MY ONLINE SHOP zfmq_email.jpg      

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