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To thank you for your continued support, I've opened the vault for the 8th annual art for summer online sale. El Remix is a series of paintings I started in 2014 that includes new art and new versions of lost works dating back to the 90s.   VISIT THE SHOP and enter code: TOPCOLLECTOR to get 50% off any works in this series.  This is for a limited time only.

GET IT BEFORE THE ARTWORLD DOES!   zfmq_codefdlmshop--1.png   El Remix" is the most experimental in the artist's multifaceted body of work. The paintings in this series fuse painting, collage, drawing, photography and writing. Approached as a diary while listening to avant-garde jazz, Franck references imagery from lost works, journal entry, thoughts, ideas and creative musings. The end result is a collection pieces which allow the artist to explore new concepts and techniques that can be applied to larger works on canvas. From personal experiences, to history, philosophy, mythology, psychology and spirituality, the topics vary, depending of what the artist is exploring in the moment. Each one is an original, one of a kind work of art, in which the viewer can have first look at the artist's creative process.