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This birthday weekend I read something that hit me strong and gave me brand new perspective about what I do with the Priority Boxes. Something I totally overlooked or didn’t think about before, and perhaps the reason why I’ve struggled for so long about ending/not ending the project. Turns out that what I’ve been doing all along – despite me trying to find the clear art statement or conceptualism– is serving others. Perhaps the creative arrogance behind what an artist should aspire to accomplish professionally blurred my vision at times and kept me from seeing that. But the will to serve other people with one’s creativity is actually a gift, and I learned that should the motive. I love this realization because now I’m clear that the PeaceBoxes are love and creativity at work. So there is no next level, taking it further, seeking for more substance in them by finding some clever title for myself. Or worrying that they may or may not belong in the realm of participatory/social practice art. The choice is very clear. I either serve or don’t. Who I am is not important, but my motives, my reason for painting them and the people they stimulate or affect in a positive way are. Could it get any better? (This is the part where some friends will go “Duh, FDLM”).