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To think the horrible fire was only 8 months ago. And though there's still that feeling of shock and loss at times, the many positives changes in our lives since, makes it feels like it happened years ago. Not to get all metaphysical, but it's almost as if the fire and the move to NYC was the planets or stars shifting, or vice versa even. Who knows, but all for the better I’m seeing. I finally understand what Lennon meant when he said “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” I’m open and I'm grateful for the kind words, wishes from the people pulling for Nicolita and I. Having said that, I'm finally getting around to using the charcoal I picked up from the site of fire in ‪‎Weehawken‬ . I think it's the best way to honor and perhaps rescue lost works in some way. The important thing is I'm feeling good and continue to move forward through the art making process.