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I had the honor to be given an award by the Union City Music Project last week. UCMP is a non-profit organization that uses music as a vehicle for social change by providing students with intensive after-school orchestral instruction. Myself along 3 other honorees were recognized as outstanding Latinos as part of Hispanic Heritage Month and role models for students and proof of all the contributions our community. It was a special night and I got to meet other honorees that really inspired me with their work, talent and life stories. Yael Marciano, Paola Mendoza and Marielys Molina are just hardcore people doing great things! I was also very impressed at what Melina Garcia has accomplished with her program and the children. I don’t remember much of my speech, but what I was reminded of was how important the journey has been. The people in that journey who from the start had something to do with me being there as an artist. Most of them people who nobody will ever know because they are not famous icons on TV etc., but just people who care and therefore influence. I also thought of the people who continue to be part of my journey, with their support and by acknowledging what I do. It was moving, humbling and it filled me with gratitude towards all of them.