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I've decided that it is time I stopped working on The Priority Boxes Art Project project. 9 years have been a great run and it's been a fantastic experience. But I have a list of other conceptual projects that I've carried in my head just as long and would like to realize before I get any older. This is not the end of the ‪#‎PeaceBoxes‬. As long as schools and teachers continue to make their own, as many have been, the project can never end and will continue grow without me. This coming year will be focused on closing and honoring the project by creating a lesson plan / booklet for educators and we've also been approached about a docu and coffee table book. And oh yeah, planning a big party tyme!
I speak from a very fulfilled and peaceful place when this morning I say, it is time for me to move on. I ran it by the manager and she agrees 100%. It also gives me great pride to have gone this far with this project and ending it in all it's initial purity - Free for all and no corporate sell-out. Before we close shop you can still get a free box