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WE DELIVERED!After 9 amazing years of Art & Peacemaking, I've decided that it is time I stopped working on The Priority Boxes Art Project project. 9 years have been a great run and it's been a fantastic experience. But I have a list of other conceptual projects that I've carried in my head just as long and would like to realize before I get any older. This is not the end of the ‪‎Peace Boxes.As long as schools and teachers continue to make their own, I trust it will continue grow without me. This coming year will be focused on closing and honoring the project by creating a lesson plan / booklet
for educators. I will be sending you some of this materials for your much valued input and feedback. I encourage you all to share the message with others and continue to make boxes in your classrooms.If you have a testimonial or a pic to share with us, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you all so much for your support! zfmq_Peacehb001Copy.jpg
Artist-created pianos to be placed in public spaces of all five boroughs from June 5-June 21.The site of the FdlM “Post No Bills” piano will be Astor Place! You can see it from June 5th through June 21st.zfmq_Untitled_1.jpg VISIT THE FRANCK-SHOP: Enter code: COLLECTOR and get 30% off original works!zfmq_ADS.jpg