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FdlM Works Featured in "Painted Words: The Marriage of Words and Images"by Poets and Artists Magazine and Curated by John Seed.zfmq_201605201.png"Painted Words: The Marriage of Words and Images" is a new Poets and Artists Magazine  issue curated by John Seed. This essay accompanies the works of 22 artist who with the use of text, overlap language and aesthetics with their work.  FdlM's selected works featured in the magazine are "Womb Sounds" and "Apariciones NYC".John Seed is Professor of Art, Mt San Jacinto College and MFA Instructor in Criticism and Theory. He also writes for Arts of Asia, Art Ltd., Catamaran, Harvard Magazine, International Artist, The HuffingtonPost and Poets and Poets/Artists. There is a print-on-demand version available on blurb . com and  a free online issue of Poets and Artists for your reading pleasure!


FdlM Open Studio!zfmq_FranckdelasMercedesOpenStudioCopy.pAs part of the 2016 Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance ( Nomaa Arts ) Uptown Art Stroll, Franck de las Mercedes will open his studio to the public on Sunday, June 26 from 1-6 p.m. On view will be a selection of new works, as well as a look at exciting new works in progress. The “Peace Boxes” will also make their final studio appearance as the Priority Boxes Art Project comes to an official end in 2016.

Where: FdlM Art Studio (The Boardroom) –
330 Wadsworth Ste. 3G - NYC - 10040
When: Sunday, June 261–6 p.m.
What: New works, works in progress and a final farewell to the Priority Boxes Art Project – aka the “Peace Boxes”__


Coming Soon: the WANA project 
zfmq_20160601.pngStay tuned for this exciting new platform for artists that will feature FdlM in a short film and podcast guest appearance. The WANA project (where awareness nourishes artistry) aims to protect and cultivate artists’ creativity during a distracted era. Founder Marissa Boisvert,will be taking the site live this summer and has teamed up with artist/filmmaker Emily Alexander to produce short films as resources for the creative community to find tools they need to do what they love, and be well doing it. "Creating the environment to help us get out of our heads and into our experiences, the WANA project podcast addresses and examines the natural ebb and flow of the creative process, as well as the obstacles in the lives of both emerging and established artists. Marissa weaves in ways to protect and cultivate artistry, regardless of the circumstance. Featured guests will have a raw conservation around their realities and have the opportunity to share their latest works, collaborations and projects." Marissa Boisvert