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First I want to say thank you to everyone who attended the opening reception for The 5th Bronx Latin American Art Biennial. So far it has been a well-attended exhibit, with great feedback and a phenomenal amount of press coverage. My work will remain on view through October 8th and the biennial will continue through December. Here's a link to the complete program with the list of venues and participating artists.  So please come by and check it out!It was a pleasant surprise to see the image of my painting "The Champ" featured in Artforum Magazine's event page.  zfmq_ContemporaryArtistFranckdelasMercedIn 2005 I was walking down Bryant Park on my way to the Mid-Manhattan Library to continue my art self-education. Always with my camera in hand, a homeless man approached me before I even saw him and said -Give me five bucks, I'll let you take my picture. Back then I was always really scared of taking people's photos and when it came to the homeless I felt that if the photos went anywhere, I'd be taking advantage. I declined and still gave him a few dollars. The then got in this pose and said -A deal's a deal. Take the photo! I never forgot him. Years later in 2014, when I was forced to work from the same library after losing my home studio,it became clear to me that most of the people at the library were homeless. I promised myself that when I got my studio I would find the way to honor them and bring awareness in some way through my art. And I painted The Champ which has become quite popular in promoting this event.



Painting West of Broadway. Behind the scenes video of work in progress.zfmq_20161002.png


 Thanks for taking the time to read my note! Talk to you soon! 






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