Acrylic painting Emily Brontë  - 2014 by Franck De Las Mercedes

Emily Brontë - 2014

Acrylic and ink on paper
11" x 17"
On February of 2014 I lost my life's work in a five-alarm fire that destroyed our home and studio. I didn't know what direction my art would take at the time and when/if I'd start painting again. When I relocated to NYC, where I grew, I turned to painting portrait studies with ink, acrylic and crushed charcoal that I picked up from the ashes of my former studio. What emerged were studies on paper created with china ink and acrylic, painted with palette knives and acrylic markers. It was the best way I could honor my work and trajectory up until that moment in time. The studies offer a glimpse into my creative process in that moment. I also see them as really optimistic tributes to lost works and the subjects in the portraits.

$400.00 USD