I wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season and I thank you for your continued support! Thank you for making 2018 one of our best years yet. I look forward to staying connected with you in the new year. Peace on earth!   zfmq_fdlmholiday--1.png NEW WORK Found Florale - 2018 Acrylic on canvas 34" x 28" zfmq_found--1.jpg

It's time for another studio purge and annual art studio online sale. For a limited time I'm offering selected signed print proofs, drawings, paintings and never before seen works  at prices that meet every holiday budget. This is a great opportunity to start or add to your FdlM art collection. Sale of selected works also benefit some of my favorite charities. Thank you for supporting living artists! May your holiday be filled with art!


Merry X-MAS & A Happy and Peaceful 2019!


  FdlM Art Studio NYC


We're the disease  

We are the cure

We're the sinful

We are the pure 



© 2002 Franck de Las Mercedes

Qué manera de expresarme.
       Sin poder hablar escribo, 
             mas escribo por no hablar.

© 2000 Franck de las Mercedes

It's our annual end of year online exhibit. Selected prints and artworks available for a limited time. Great art at prices all ranges can afford.

Here is the new millennium 



Political Prostitution 

Illusion manipulated by the corporate institution


The crosses we bare

The flags we swear to

The gods we praise 

The voices we raise 



© 2002 Franck de las Mercedes

Entre hipnotizado gentío
Vamos siempre cautos y atentos
Tratando de encontrar una respuesta superior a lo glorioso
Pero nos lo impide una fingida desnudez


© 2000 Franck de las Mercedes


Working on flower studies and floral works on paper since 2013, inevitably sparked curiosity for gestural flowers as large works on canvas. This wasn't explored till now and the decision is quite a turning point, filled with creative enjoyment, plus new way of working with my palette. The result is this series of bouquets and floral bunches  which shares the name of the initial series on paper "Floret." The first painting below is about my maternal grandmother who I consider the direct introductory link into art making. Feels appropriate to honor her during the Day of the Dead celebrations. Enjoy! Celita's Tinajón - 2018 Acrylic on canvas 32" x 44" zfmq_celitas--1.jpg
Call Upon Lo Cosmico - 2018 Acrylic on canvas 32" x 44"   zfmq_Cosmic--1.jpg
Black Flowers 2018  Acrylic on canvas 16" x 28" zfmq_BlackFlowers2018--1.jpg

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   WORKS ON PAPER zfmq_201811041--1.png

AHA Fine Art invites you to "imperfectly perfect" opening this Thursday Oct. 18, 6-9pm @ Spring Natural, 98 Kenmare St NYCAHA Fine Art invites you to "imperfectly perfect" opening this Thursday Oct. 18, 6-9pm @ Spring Natural, 98 Kenmare St NYC