La diferencia entre un mozote y una flor es tu juicio. -Anonimo
The difference between a weed and a flower is your judgment. -Unknown

These are two works in progress from my new series titled "Concrete Nature" It is inspired by the weeds that grow in the cracks and crevices of the sidewalks of NYC. It started as snapshots I took around my neighborhood which eventually became painted studies of them. Besides the deep greens and aesthetic beauty that captured me  when seeing them juxtaposed against walls and cement surfaces; I found a lot of beauty and motivation in their resilience and will to grow in the most minimal crevice. They emerge and thrive in seemingly, lifeless, cold and hard terrain. The roots beneath find a way to grow and to face the light, altering the gray landscape and making it clear that sooner or later it is concrete that breaks.


He was once a painter 
Once, he was leading light 
He never had a mentor 
He never got that far
But he had existence

He even had the will to walk his own terrain 

He didn’t mean to live unwanted
He never wanted to die of no use
All that he wanted was to walk among the great as he was promised


© 2002 Franck de las Mercedes

En el espacio.  
En esa monstruosidad
se esconde todo esto.


© 2000 Franck de las Mercedes

El Brish - 2018
Acrylic on canvas
18" x 30"
1985! Shortly after landing in Newark Airport and finally reuniting with our mother after three traumatic years, we arrived in NYC via the GW Bridge. We were immediately informed (and reminded from there on-every time we crossed it), that it was the bridge where Johnny Weissmuller (AKA Tarzan) had performed his famous dive. Later in life I found out it was actually the Brooklyn Bridge Johnny had jumped from. But Hollywood wasn't across that bridge back then and the Charles Bronson's Death Wish set could never recreate what parts of the our new neighborhood looked like. We had escaped a war zone and had arrived to a different type of war zone. But it was America, people were different and had swagger. It was loud and despite their struggles, people were literally dancing on the street. There was a new kind of warmth; it was all beautiful and we were all survivors after a dream.

It was about 21 years ago on a gray day like today; when in the middle of a 9-5 workday I cracked. I had started my week, once again experiencing something I didn't know I suffered from all my life. It was called depression. This day was different though. It all felt so heavy and dark and out of nowhere I cracked and was flooded with the most horrific  intrusive thoughts and memories. At the time I was an aspiring actor/musician. I had a one act play in a show in Lincoln Center, had been offered a role in a stage play and was collaborating with a producer in making music and writing  songs for bands. But my mind seemed to have other plans. It pulled the floor from under me, threw me into what felt like a dark emotional abyss and began to show me things I didn't understand, accepted or believed could have happened to me as a child. I walked away from it all without notice or an explanation to anybody. I continued to work pretending I was okay and heading right back home to hide from the world though I could not hide from the demons that had suddenly appeared as the worst imaginary friends. My culture, belief system and upbringing kept me from seeking help for two years. I remember walking out of waiting rooms after making appointments to see therapists. But in the middle of this darkness I decided to pick up a drawing pad and watercolors. Since the beginning of my career as a professional artist I was careful not to talk about any of this, because I did not want to use art as a crutch nor fit some mold or stereotype. As I got good, I also wanted to follow the path and prove myself as a legitimate artist. I often say I'm an artist despite my neurosis and not because of it.

However, I do believe it was the catalyst to discover that I was born to make art. Creativity finds a way even when you hide under a rock. Art and reading about other artists’ lives led me to therapy. Through counseling I was able to learn about myself, my life and most importantly, get to the root of my anger and the self destructive tendencies that plagued me since I was a child. It helped me understand that I wasn't a soft crybaby, but that people didn't recognize that I suffered from depression and had been a victim of abuse since an early age. That guy that cracked back '97, would have never imagined getting out of that dark hole nor the life and people that surround him today. Life didn't always get easier, there have been many tests since. I still experience great emotional lows and a get flooded with bad memories. But taking action in healing brings more healing and strength. In the toughest moments, having access and the perspective of a mental health professional has been crucial in my experience. It taught me compassion for myself and others, including members of my family who I’m convinced struggled in the same way and never got help. It also gave me license to explore and work on anything I feel through my art. I think I'm sharing this openly today, because it's the one step in my healing journey that I have not taken. It feels both scary and like a pat on the back for how hard I work at it each day.
So if you're out there and feel that you need to talk to someone, don't be afraid. If think it’s mild and you can manage it, believe me, it will grow and hurt you. There's no shame in seeking help and treatment. The most powerful step you can ever take is admitting you can't do it alone. And you don't have to. 

For info on getting help:

The "Free Drawings Project” is taking flight. It is based on a series of palette knife sketches on peace I’ve been experimenting with since 2016. As it happened with the peace boxes project, educators are the ones already responding and collaborating in order to bring them into the classroom. Some have shared their concern as educators for finding tools to promote empathy in their chavalitos.   So I had to find a way to continue to make art easily accessible as a catalyst for much needed empathy. Let’s see how far this Pax bird goes.

  Perhaps in art sometimes you need the setbacks, negative discouraging words, the fears and the criticism that emerges around your self-expression – In order to have something to be brave about. I’m amazed how much I continue to grow and learn a lot about myself through art-making.

  I've been afraid of and failed at many things in life; but in art I just go for it, from the gut.

When making art I'm pretty fearless, and every work resolved is a personal success.  
  I am an artist. I did not choose to be an artist, and there's no doubt in my mind that art chose me, or perhaps life chose art for me; because I was damaged enough for it.

  Life might have steered me into this creative path is because life knew, that unlike any other undertaking in my life, in art I would be fearless.

I'm most honored and grateful to be growing old as an artist. I make no apologies for it.

The CBS "Sunday Morning"
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The Free Drawings Project


Continuing his mission to promote peace, hope and understanding through art, Franck de las Mercedes has launched a new art project in which he intends to share art and a positive message with anybody, anywhere in the world, this time through a free drawing.

The "Free Drawings" project intends to create artwork that is inclusive and accessible to all, in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of art in people's lives as a catalyst for empathy and dialogue.

Each piece is an original palette knife drawing signed by the artist and completely free.




One person can receive a free drawing by covering their own S&H (shipping materials and postage).







©Franck de las Mercedes


Thank You! Open Studio

Thanks to all who visited my open studio! Always great to meet new people and greet friends and patrons. The new series was even featured in a cool art and travel blog.   zfmq_201806194--1.png Here's the latest from the series entitled "Four Eves" zfmq_foureveslonuevo1--1.jpg

   The Annual Summer Open Studio Online. For my loyal patrons and collectors. It's that time of year! Click the image below.
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