I'm actually nervous about sharing this with you. It's a look at my new series and works in progress, "Urbetivism". For a while I've been struggling with saying things through my art that I've realized will only be said by breaking from abstraction. zfmq_DSC0011--1.jpg Though I have kept a record of this in the form of studies on paper, I have reached a point where I can no longer ignore this or put away-after each minor attempt.  I've decided it is time I took a break from everything else, and once and for all explored this new way of working, on canvas and with the subjects at hand. zfmq_DSC0043--1.jpgI need to see where it takes me. As you know, the representational has been surfacing in my art for a while, but I think it now needs to lead. I'm calling the series "Urbetivism" or "Urbetivismo" in Spanish, for it's references to Nicaraguan Primitivism fused with my urban style and influences. It's not a definite departure from painting abstraction I don't think. But I have to trust the muse. I'll be sharing some of the studies and works in progress and I do plan on showing some at my upcoming open studio this summer. I am nervously psyched. zfmq_20180430Copy--1.png   COMMON VIEWS
Maggi Peyton Art Gallery at the Borough President of Manhattan's Office May 3rd - May 30th, 2018
Opening Reception:
Thursday May 3rd / 6:00 - 8:00 pm  

Daniel Hauben Dolores Fultado Franck de las Mercedes Frank Guiller Linda Cunningham
Nelson Álvarez Valeri Larko
Curator: Alexis Mendoza

Maggi Peyton Art Gallery
Office of Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer
David Dinkins Municipal Building
1 Centre Street, 19th Floor South
New York, NY 10007

The documentation of city changes and the domestic life has always fascinated artists for generations in the past. From the moment cities start shaping artists often depicted the physical and social realities, as well as the potential emotional disconnect, that can accompany urban density. In recent decades, artistic focus shifted to the ramifications of climate change, localism, relocation and globalization. The exhibition explores our city, New York’s urban representations
“Common Views”, encourage audiences to think about urbanism in a larger context and coincides with collective efforts to enliven and transform our way of living. These efforts and research stand at the center of “Common Views”, an exhibition that brings together artists/New Yorkers from a variety of disciplines and had seen all the transformations. Nelson Álvarez,Franck de las Mercedes, Linda Cunningham, Daniel Hauben, Valeri Larko, Frank Guiller and Dolores Fultado attempt to
decodifide the architectural point of view and the visuality it produces by manipulating the social images and creating new mapping systems in a search for civilian-oriented visual and political imagery. The exhibition explores the new visual strategies generated by the view the city, any city from inside, from above and from within. It underscores the empowering potential of civilian action while questioning the very notion of “democratization.” The exhibition offers alternative strategies for engaging with and obtaining information about local socio-political distribution and the varies ways in the witch the city is changing.
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Sharing some images of the installation of my portraits of Francisco de Quevedo exhibited in Spain's Museo Municipal - Ayuntamiento de Puertollano.  Exposición “EL HUMOR EN QUEVEDO” 2018

Sometime mid-last year I started practicing secular meditation. I made no promises, but I said I would start with 3 minutes and do my best to stick to it. To my surprise, it has become a daily practice of 10-20 minutes a day, that has enriched my life tremendously and even influenced my art. I have developed this sort of ritual in which I write down all the clutter that’s on my mind on a sheet of paper. After meditation I then write a letter to myself, which I put away and don’t read until days later, when I come across it again. I thought this one was quite encouraging and felt this desire to share with you:


Dear Franck,

   Be your beingness. Not just a body-mind, but a limitless spirit going through this realm having experiences and releasing the ideals and belief-systems imposed upon you without your consent. Looking for purpose does not always mean moving forward. Searching can also mean being stuck in one place looking for something that can only be found by starting the journey.

  Employ the past, take what you need from it to grow and create, but don't dwell there. If you want change, be the change, and things will change for you and around you. You'll find that in some cases the only thing that needed to change was your perception. Life and the universe are constant change and motion. Change is the only law in the universe and not accepting that is the reason the world is always in such chaos.

  Each day is an opportunity to live, start and create. There's no perfect way to live. If you wish you had a perfect life, you're not living, you're comparing. Your beingness, your life, your journey are unique; just as each being around you and their experiences are unique. You can share your journey, but It's not your job to make them see what you see. You can share your journey, but never attempt to control people's experience on this earth. I will bring you misery.
   If you lack something, give something. But learn to give something you still consider of value and that you'd still use. Expect nothing in return and expect nothing from anybody at all. That way the surprises will be boundless. Let the God of your heart reveal what/who/if he or she is each day. You can't deny air exists just because you don't see it. You breathe. But don't make a false evil idea of anything, based on those who claim to see, know, follow and worship.

  Not everyone is willing and open to look into their own souls, because it means change and taking action. So they project fear and harsh belief, in the name of an authority figure to feel better by controlling other people's experience. It's their experience and journey, not yours. Whatever god is, you'll discover it can't be contained to/by one idea, building or group. It is limitless, constant movement. Not just one spirit in a specific place. Not everything in life is an epiphany. If you're having a bad day, it's probably because you're still human. So be really kind and tender to yourself and others in that moment. Be your beingness. You f^ck up, you learn. Let it go.
   The only mantra you'll ever need is "I love myself" repeat it constantly. It's not selfish. The instrument must be in tune before it can play for others. The more in tune the instrument, the better the tune. The better you are, the better those around you will be.


Spiritual Contrast - 2018  Acrylic on canvas 18" x 30"

Me and my new series of works on paper have been featured in the new issua of Inex
Inex magazine is the ultimate specification resource for design professionals working in both the domestic and commercial marketplaces.
Exclusive, cutting-edge content is delivered to inform and inspire esteemed professionals on a whole host of topics and discussions impacting the industry.
Be sure to enjoy the series.

I'm having my annual "Art Studio Sale"
Spring cleaning, studio organizing and archiving.
Each year selected studies from the FdlM artchive are made available for all to collect.
From various series by FdlM.Acrylic and ink on paper 11x17 inches.
One of a kind / Certificate of Authenticity will be included.
Works on paper are a terrific entry point for new collectors and patrons looking to add to their collection.
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You visit though they never really see you



With your silence and indifference

You visit

You visit

Like a ghost materialized out of neglect,

You visit them

You visit but don't even say a word

You visit just to see if they’ve lost hope

Reminding them nothing's changed and confirming that you won't stay

You visit like you have the right to visit

Awaking them once again, now that they don't know if it’s you they want around

And when they walk the streets alone

You’ll visit

But you'll never even know


© 2002 Franck de las Mercedes

Ya no hay medios, ni a medias
No somos dioses
Somos apenas la sombra de uno solo
Desalmado, mediocre y desnudo

© 1999 Franck de las Mercedes

I am humbled and honored that my #BLOT women have been featured in BroadwayWorld
in celebration of Women's History Month.