This body

is the place of worship for some righteous spirit.

This vanishing mass, this core, this weight.

This obscure silhouette

still obsessively searches for grounds to survive.

While feeling defective, desolate and blank.



© 2001 Franck de las Mercedes

Convoca concreto tu noche
Urbe de propósito y vanagloria
Tu presencia inmortal grita y    
el ruido declama tu poder

No eres un pueblo de sal
Eres sueños, logros y desdichas  
En tus frías entrañas  encubres  los árboles y el sosiego
que aplacan tu infierno ambicioso

Ciudad de vigorosos roedores y gusanos de metal
Basura y latas vacías entre tu tesoro
Colosal belleza en cada historia
Emponzoñada de ángeles sin perfección

¡Todos somos Nueva York!
¡Qué mejor que Nueva York!



© 1999 Franck de las Mercedes

Wishing each and everyone of you a happy holiday season and  a new year filled with health, happiness, success and a world with much needed understanding. At the end of this email, you will find a little gift from Nicola, Luca and I. Free Coffee! As always I thank you for the gift of your friendship and patronage. Enjoy!  


Art Exhibit in NYC. CITY LIMITS: Inside, Above, Within.
Curated by Alexis Mendoza Curatorial Projects & Marie Laux
Thursday, December 7 at 6 PM - 9 PM
El Barrio’s Artspace PS109
215 E 99th St, New York, New York 10029
Featuring works by Carlos Barberena – Carlos Chacín – Yunuen DÍaz – Dolores Furtado
Bairo Martínez Parra – Franck de las Mercedes – Bernardo Navarro Tómas and Rocío Olivares.
The documentation of city changes and the domestic life has always fascinated artists for generations in the past. From the moment cities start chapping artists often depicted the physical and social realities, as well as the potential emotional disconnect, that can accompany urban density. In recent decades, artistic focus shifted to the ramifications of climate change, localism, gentrification, relocation and globalization. The exhibition explores urban representations from cities such as: Medellin, Havana, New York, Chicago, Santiago de Chile, Paris, Mexico City, Managua and Buenos Aires. “City Limits”, encourage audiences to think about urbanism in a larger context and coincides with collective efforts to enliven and transform our way of living. zfmq_Smallfdlmflyer--1.jpg   Introducing The N u d e Studies: This is a never before seen series of abstract figuration and self-portrait studies, the artist has produced since 2014. The work is noted for its intensity and its raw gestures. Abstracted, sculpture-like body shapes with expressive black line  painted with palette knives that characterize the artist's signature style. The series is available at the official shop.  These works on paper make great artful gifts and they are a great to start or continue your FdlM collection. zfmq_20171201--1.png   Free Coffee: Hot Coffee - 2017 Printable digital file or signed print of an original FdllM palette knife drawing -  We hope you enjoy it!
Click here to download digital.
Click here for a free print signed by the artist. (First come  - Just a few available)

This train's destination has never been happiness.
But today there's a small inauguration.

Like most American products you are instantly special and prized.
You've been projected into this time of ours

in hopes that you will be extraordinary and improved.  

Such is the expectation that without you knowing, already weighs on you.


© 2000 Franck de las Mercedes

Cómo me criticabas y te avergonzabas de mí.
Yo tan ansioso de pasar ese minuto junto a vos,
y vos repudiándome porque sobreviví tu guerra. 



© 1999 Franck de las Mercedes

A bottomless injury 

Abandoned mourning in deep-rooted devotion

Container of fright

Hopeless eyes crammed with tears

And in the silence, three knocks:




Hush and assemble

Be still and drown


© 2005 Franck de las Mercedes

Busca entre las abreviadas vías.
Según la ruina, la zozobra y la penumbra,  

hoy él también desea otra vez profesarse tuyo,

como suya especulaste ser.


© 1999 Franck de las Mercedes

Haz de soportar su cara pesada

Ese fardo de sonrisa torpe

De tu tacto entumido o muerto ya talvez,

surge una aspiración cobarde de ser quien ves.


© 1998 Franck de las Mercedes