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Look at me once more 
I want to see you just like this
Pure and unexplored 
Lovely, innocent and whole

It is not my destiny
To catch you when you fall 
I wish that it could be
But you must walk on, in walks we grow

I wish I didn’t feel this void 
This cold culpability from time ago 
You are the one who must make tracks now 
But your smile won’t let me go

Look at me once more
Since I could forget what I was meant for in this life
I’ll hide another tear 
And just hold you very near my soul 

And when I turn to walk alone 
Your horizon will go on 
It’s your right, I must let go 
But if you need me, let me know

Distance never knows
What it can do, what it can show 
I’m the last to recognize 
That time and years were never slow

But now that you can hold your own 
There’s a path that you must walk 

If you feel you’re growing old 
I’ll be here if you look back 
I’ll be here if you look back 

©2006 Franck de las Mercedes