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For over 30 years, visual artist Maria Dominguez has brought her public art creations, dealing with personal, environment and community experiences to the city of New York. She is a life long resident of New York City, of Puerto Rican decent, and this is her statement. 


My passion for mural and public art making lead me to create over twenty-five public works during the past 30 years. Many of which have included the participation of community residents, school students and other artists.

Mural @ Julia de Burgos Performance and Cultural Center


My earliest influence to this collective process rose during the emergence of the Nuyorican Movement in Manhattans’ Lower East in late 70’s. Our devastated community at the time was in dire need of housing, social services and recreation it forced us into activism.

Art Blackley’s Drum

With our combined efforts in social work and the arts together we brought forth the change we aimed for. Public awareness followed and gave birth to an inspired community which gave us a sense of empowerment. The contributions helped enhance our community by adding to its already rich history. We flourished into a thriving area while achieving our goals.

Ode to Ms. Nina Simone

The experience of making art relevant to the lives of its residents is a fine example of my achievements with “El-Views” my permanent installation for the MTA. By being inclusive during the creative process the outcome was well received. I took time to visit, photograph and interview the people living in the Bushwick area in Brooklyn. This effort lead me to capture the vibrancy of the community. The outcome produced 16 colorful vignettes of their precious daily tasks so often overlooked in the heavy demands of our city. These were transformed into dazzling glass windows later installed at Chauncey Street Station for the local residents and other commuters to enjoy.

EL-VIEWS @ the Chauncey Street Station

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