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I don't make resolutions, but I plan to continue expanding consciousness. and promoting understanding with my art-work. Here's something I have been working on  for the past year:


On February 18, 2014 de las Mercedes lost over a decade of his body of work in a five alarm fire that destroyed his home and studio in Weehawken, NJ.
The artist relocated to Washington Heights, the upper Manhattan neighborhood where he grew up.

In early 2017, Franck started printing and deleting digital files of lost works and studies, which he prints and hand embellishes with notes and messages on postcards.The artist then sends or hands them out to total strangers.

In a world of immediacy and digital cyber communities, each postcard aims to establish aesthetical communication between artist and people, cultural exchange outside the structures of online social platforms; and mutual understanding by offering direct and personal interaction with an object created by an artist.

 If you would like to request a free postcard email the studio and write "One post card" in the subject line.